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quently employed it in several cutaneous affections

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sition of dilute acids which act chemically upon one

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of their narcotic power. The root possesses the same

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dilated or contracted by the moving powers of almost

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thro jgh the tube of a funnel. By enclosing the patient

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ties but most of the bread used on shore is made to

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until the putrefaction has fully obtained its height.

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but not very correctly given to the art of raising heavj

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Haller reiates that six persons of Lithuania perished

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honours and invited strongly to settle at Berlin but

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tain no animal remains but radiated and molluscous

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is hazardous and might often do considerable mischief

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stance or mixture added to assist the fusion of metals.

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the general system and thus getting rid of the liability

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forms long colourless needles it has a strong affinity

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pected rank among the minisiersof health and life to man.

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first obtained it is yellowish while but by exposure to

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tion. But it may be said to the physician Those mental

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ment produces direct debility and gives birth to asthe

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authority and hypothesis. He wrote on the diseases of

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of air. When sulphur is made to act on the deutoxyde

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greaier than that of boiling water this crystallized

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bitter and somewhat acrid but that of the rootis bit

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ferior and highly acescent food which cannot fail to

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a yellow or white ground generally raised on the sur

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don and became a fellow of the College of Physicians.

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complete. Hence it is evident that in all cases of a

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medicinally in the decoctum sarsaparillce compositum

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and hips flatulency and acidities in the stomach am

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gular or diminished action of any part of the aliment

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number with which all weights within certain limits

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nical are continually carrying on from its first pro

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is much disturbed there is a considerable dilatation

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stitute for gentian and by several is thought to be a

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We believe that a want of harmony must ever exist be

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of blood general or topical will be commonly proper

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show that the chief centres of ether drinking are Draperstown

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coals it exhales an odour similar to that of burning

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the lungs that Is by rendering the course of the bloorj

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part of County Derry was notorious for illicit distillation. A

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