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which the two first obtained in the higher circles of
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use as a pectoral or emollient in catarrhal defluxions
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opposed to every principle of right. In our estimate of the
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from these ulcers notwithstanding the corrosiveness
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methodize his ideas sufficiently to pursue that plan
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also the internode or space between two joints of a
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rated to dryness it leaves a transparent residue wnich
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belongs to the first form of the disease leucoma to the
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celebrated Greek physician John the son of Zachary
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the camphor. An elegant and useful stimulant appli
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lineating the general forms of other anim.ils which he
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small tubercles or asperities appear only at the roots
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lent to combustion that it sometimes acts in a manner
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Jaworski and Qluzinski also found no free HCl in the ex
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first of all by digesting two parts of sulphuret of anti
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of the petrous portion of the temporal bone where it

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