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pitate. With the solution of sulphate of zinc muri

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drates of the alkalies and a number of other bodies

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which is influenced so much by the nervous system. The

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root of the metatarsal bone of the great toe and from

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companied by somewhat severe pain until marriage at the

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Shipping Company for ether to Belfast including collection

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JJipsacus pilosus which has little leaves at its base.

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These precipitates redissolve on adding a small quan

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until special circumstances develop their silent consummation

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culation through the lungs and general system. It is

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matic portion of the canal. This contraction always

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because of its great solubility but on the contrary

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works as well as nearly forty papers in the Philoso

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by the name of Derbyshire spar consists of calcareous

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admit of motion in every direction as the head of the

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exposing aqueous chlorine to the solar rays with this

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ter was his merit as an accoucheur and in this diffi

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and uniting with the tendinous expansion that is sent

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like all argillaceous earths a good tooth powder when

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subject by J. L. Petit in his remarks upon exostosis

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animal jellies. Of the first it dissolves only a deter

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suppose on account of cheapness but even if a person who is

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of his body particularly on one side is much agitated

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be determined to pursue the medical profession. After

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warranted in asserting that much of the doubt and difficulty

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sess emollient sweet and generally aromatic qualities.

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