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Even now however the protruded bowel could not be returned until pressure

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depression than the elevated temperature whose ill effects are so

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tape worm in consequence of introduction into their digestive

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We have a territory large enough north of the Missouri and

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soft spleen the pathological findings are limited to the muscles. Any or

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may still be elicited from the Table itself by comparisons which

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not uncommon sequence of things. It is alleged however that the habit is

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order. The veins carrying their blood would be observed to

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no professional acumen is required to recognize irequents

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later the substance prepared from the pure crystalline lactone pos

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and able for work. But with many indeed with most patients their

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from the well conducted service of lulhane Hospital.

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considered the property of the lender and would be returned or disposed of

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variation than with direct precipitation. The failure always to obtain

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He commenced the treatment of the disease with mercurials and

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damp or stormy weather. They should have all the clean

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those of the distinct small pox but more violent the second

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favorable for the prolonged cultivation of Bacterium tularense. This

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method in every case for when tlic tonsils are bound

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or forearm against the irremedial osteomyelitis in the St. Bernard

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pleurisy than in cases of combined infection but occasionally it involved

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double the internal depth. The imperial bushel contains lbs.

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the anoperineal region to the depth of two inches when finding

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tears increased. The state of the circulation appears to have

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On page of the July Journal referring to those wishing to

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theatre served a few years ago for all the students in Paris who

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Double triple and quadruple letters in the same ratio.

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dation of friends and relatives is a potent factor. Fathers send

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EDITORIAL COMMENT. Readers of CLINICAL MEDICINE a ill remember several

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suffer if the aniline obtained admission into the blood and circu

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and with a probe pointed knife the urethra is divided up

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on diagnosis except that of course in these cases each antigen com

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