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of cast iron polished on its inner surface and fur

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If we scrutinize the cause of this diversity of opinions it

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ment as for ringworm. In treating sycosis of the beard I

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effects take place in no sensible time. It has been

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signed his professorship in favour of his son the Rev.

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the wrath of God. The Scriptures have offered an unerring

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crete lactescent juice would probably be found much

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number of which are greater in proportion as the intes

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flammation of the finger or toe from a curvature of tlie

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cases internal astringents are given aa alum kino amp c.

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tion in the minds of men who have suffered from mental

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the cutaneous vessels which arises from joy anger or

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stitute for the bulb possessing all the medicinal advan

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lines to tell you I have returned from North Wales and am

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fat oil. If dry potassa or soda be triturated with albu I

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changes it undergoes i the small intestine are variable

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