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ated with some loss of hair. But the milder condition may
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that the simplest method consists in boiling the borax
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is fastened in dimension about half or the third part
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lungs nor is it dangerous in a strong healthy person
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the part of others equally eminent many who contend that
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By its colour it changes the blue of turnsole and violet
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eruption is not preceded or attended by any febrile
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Prince of Beam afterward Henri IV. it is said that during
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spinal marrow and the nerves originating fiom it he
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in a water bath yielded forty nine grains of a blackish
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they are therefore irresistibly attracted. It is possible this
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the middle of which is the navel. It is this part of tltei
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this circumstance but that the blood has lain a longer
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very good spirit may be extracted from the husks of
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Latin translation and commentary on his second book
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of the affected parts employed when the tumefaction
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clay is a bed of sand. Amber exists also near Wood
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dom used in this country appears to be a plant of no
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side than from the symphysis pubis to the os sacrum
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of the features which immediately precedes the stroke
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and evaporate it to a proper consistence. In practice
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employed as a collyrium and as an injection in fiuor
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rubbed enpecially after bathing an account of which
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Fourcroy likewi e evinced that a conversion does not
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this alteration but likewise render it more uniform
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find the bones of the cranium affected with exostosis
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effervescence. Lagrange however denies that it acts
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stimuli causing indirect debility and generating sthenic
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been present what may be looked upon as a permanent con
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perience differ widely in their opinions respecting them. Shal
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to the sealed end of the former. Protoxide of chlorine
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gregate opinion of the fifteen judges who decided in
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from products the combustibility of their base is re
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vessels iron and all the preparations of it will aggra
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cinsc in which certainly much genius i gt displayed
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plentiful supplies of this sweet and nutritious sub
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of its vessels and the mode of circulation which then
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over distention of the stomach a deficiency in the se
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than the other oils of this class it has therefore been

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