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XL The moral faculty though incapable of determining

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the fact of its denoting a departure from the natural and

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afford this substance and that the lakes of America

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portions of the constituents. The first consisting of

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The native porcelain clays or kaolins however white

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in phthisical patients by the improved methods of recent re

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the outside of the root of the first joint of the third toe

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regions clouds are formed from the condensed vapour.

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istic of ichthyosis is a permanently harsh dry scaly

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ease lias continued for some days the skin and eyes

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great botanist Linnaeus is applied by the Laplanders

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the red lead ore of Siberia in fine powder be boiled

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The utility of the praclk was now established with

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poured on iron filings or bits of zinc in a small retort

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is extended horizontally in the line of the magnetic

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apoplexy palsy amp c. and therefore in such cases is to

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vulgarc of the shops. The seeds of this plant lmmi

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purging or any other evacuation is most conveniently

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neuralgic headache the effect apparently of anaemia. I think

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convert it into lime by driving off its carbonic acid and

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cobalt in concentrated water of ammonia and exposes

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to be attacked and corroded by a reagent capable of

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the thigh of a frog deprived of its skin detach the

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him to study his own profession at Monlpelier where

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insoluble in water but mixes with it readily in every

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at first a disengagement of azote while the fibrin be

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scraped off and exposed to the sun to harden. A se

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mineral is at the bottom of the lake about three fathoms

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fragrant plant Dianthus fioribus aolitarits equamia

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which medicine places within the reach of the least experienced

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was summoned to attend his patron the great Colbert.

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number of species making them agree together in the

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the hardness of cork. To the taste it is sweetish and

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