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soap and in some cases with bark or steel and found

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nevertheless with a very favourable reception on its

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however could find none either in this grass or in oats.

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Irast painful and most expeditious and the extent of

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The patient had suffered for several years from gradually

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pered bottles yearly to one druggist m Belfast. Another

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which the urine ia rendered less stimulating from dilu

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iigues of the service. In this manner did the remitting

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years. She has now well marked patches on outer side of the

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warm brine occasionally or applying stimulant plas

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guishes it from the benzoic acid. It unites easily with

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principles be exposed to a considerable heat the sul

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against its matured premeditation. The presence or absence

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surface of the trachea are thrown up life is sometimes

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deeply a large mass was found to spring from the upper and

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inoculator in America and this even before the single

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the delusion. Could we insure the non extension of such a

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the lower regions and the nitrogen in the higher it

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semble the porous vases called alcarrazas. These ves

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tree not before known and which they promise to de

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opium or strong scented lettuce. Lactuca gravrolens.

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flower or fruit others not so indispensably necessary

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The inner root sheath forms a Arm transparent yellowish

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Young and Professor Davy at the theatre of the Royal

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possible that it may exist always in a very small propor

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I. Insane states manifested chiefly by delusion or what

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gonorrhoea have clearly shown that the disease may

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the fervor of fanaticism will follow in the slow steps of philos

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gather so called from the shape of its leaves which

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greatly resembling the beryl of Siberia by Professor

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bacco from a half to a whole pint. Employed in cases

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and cease to wonder that even among the most able minds

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clearly ascertained. It is a favourite remedy with the

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maj have its origin in circumstances which to the healthy

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inwardly from the basilic vein it is termed the basilic

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rupted becomes so deeply rooted as to influence their whole

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their further corroboration in the fact that many most deter

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