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On examination of the abdomen there is seen to be quite

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gated sulphuric acid in the urine is increased that in cases

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to it. It was a simple sketch of the most prominent

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union the affinity which was the cause of it is also

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Sulphuric acid diluted with six times its weight of

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nance of whose harmony involves the social happiness of each.

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fonnerly directed by the London College for medicinal

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and will not admit the close relationship between the imma

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which is a continued cordial and gives their breath a

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lias rejected those which did not appear to be supported

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amination of a patient between the periods of attack may

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Carbazotate of Silver. Carbazotic acid readily dis

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tions have been proposed to the theory of.Mr. Dalton

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cubic quartz of various mineralogists and boracite of

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question of unsoundness of mind in its relation to responsibil

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records of the one may be regarded as furnishing the most

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canal so that it is not the same in the pharynx as in

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passions an indolent life the abuse of acids amp c. It

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is a peculiar greasy lustre. Its usual colour is pale

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oxygen hydrogen and nitrogen the first two from the

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of plants its base furnishing part at least of the carbon

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and phosphorus. It does not unite with carbon or the

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produce their toxin more energetically and rapidly than under

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and in many instances irremediably lost. The process of de

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grains had been administered for the working of de

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troduced into it which on account of its specific gravity

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nize such mental conditions as sufficient exculpation for illegal

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judge to direct the jury as his trained mind may enable him

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the expense of malting is saved as well as the duty on

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In Mr. Teale of Leeds removed another tumor after dila

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because it was used in the ancient purifications. Flat

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otherwise ornamented they serve the purpose of drink

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serving that the same electricity was not inherent in

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preventing him from eating drinking sleeping or bfeing at

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which the name of muscles have been given but which

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fourth class of Culien s Nosology which comprehends

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air of an extensive laboratory for several days. Four

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pocrates it signifies a mote or any small substance.

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must have been in full swing in this district including that of

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strain dissolve also the sulphate of magnesia separately

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who found the following constituents an animal mat

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searches on the tactile faculty of the hair in different regions

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from its efficacy in the cure of syphilis as experienced

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