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nally is to begin with a few grains of the powder or

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charged to direct the precautions requisite for securing

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It is only by trial that it can be certainly determined

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with advantage in hemorrhagic affections and to give

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in dendrites is deliquescent has an acerb and bitter

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to maturity the multiplicity of pursuits which occupy and

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progrressy and so while imparting to the masses knowledge

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converting it into a sac opening outward. Of dogs so treated

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is cut and the chyle flows into the vessel intended to

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fact was first observed by Professor Oersted of Copen

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correct its violent effects although not i s specific ones

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are influenced by Galvanic stimuli doubtless because

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a considerable hollowness. Where the ossa maxillana

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that the symptoms are of a purely nervous character and due

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residuum isdiffused in water magnesia is now added

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act cannot be considered as evidence of a criminal disposition

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nate in a tube introduced under a receiver in the pneu

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form a kind of action which operates spirally around

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was once in high estimation in the cure of diseases of

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stances as contained in the Annals of Chemistry for

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fermented and distilled produces a spirit of a very su

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