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proceeding to such a degree as to prevent a sufficient

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tain no animal remains but radiated and molluscous

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there forms after some time in the cavity of the sto

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stance which can no further be divided or decomposed

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and other animals and a synopsis of the opinions of

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trition and reciprocally nutrition is influenced by

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solely on the constant absence of HCl and cases in which the

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Vogel records the case of a man whose hair was gray on one

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plied to roots which are sessile at their base and con

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nudation always occurs by the disease interfering with the

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it causes relative changes among the intestinal cir

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and with all its horrible disgusting companions. During the

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cavity measures inches. At about there is the obstruction

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Mix and boil the mixture over a alow tire for three

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is slightly acid to the taste but sensibly reddens vege

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bining with sulphur in various proportions. To this

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to amount only to one twentieth or one thirty eighth

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here and did not trouble himself either with deter

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Properties of iron. Iron is distinguished from every

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women might have had children when they were unable

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of great promise discovered one seven inches in length

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plant Linum folns oppositts ovato lanccolatis caule

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and in the hands of a judicious practitioner it is a

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of the pharmacopoeias. It is the seed which is com

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entertainments. They are said to promote digestion

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to be furnished not only by the lachrymal gland but

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