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troduced into the art of calico printing. By dropping
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for its emollient and demulcent qualities in tickling
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purposes. The oil thus obtained is more agreeable to
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greatly in different individuals and in the various races of
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dropsies. Their principal ingredient is the extract of
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precipitate the alumina by carbonate of potassa and
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stance in a separatestate he at last succeeded by the
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For several years the patient has not felt well she is
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They were probably led to this opinion by observing
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treacle or syrup. The seeds yield a volatile oil on dis
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mercury of metals one metal of another amp c. whereas
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appears to possess a uniformity of success which we
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cause of their mental derangement can be assignable to no
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chlorine which merely indicates an obvious and per
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pouted upon the barley half a pint of water boil for a
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adopted country by taking an active part in the de
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riegated namely gray with black specks or gray with
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when the free agency of the individual is for the purpose of
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me gt derate but as the former abates the latter seldom
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one proceeding from a morbid and determinate assimilation

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