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particles are united. Hence they are more easily se

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ment for breaking the bones of a dead fastus to pro

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Before proceeding to the recent additions to our knowledge

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ded in the basalt rock of Albaco and Frescate which

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affords crystallized plates of a deep yellow contain

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of the fore arm was formerly so called from its shape.

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tendon which is connected with that of the abductor

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tion tend to discourage all attempts to dissolve a stone

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problem which sacred and profane writers alike attest. The

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form a thick covering to a portion of the skull which in one

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cles of very minute pimples the resemblance of which

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which is extremely light almost colourless and gene

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stated. Life may be conceived to be attached to the

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small portions the number of which is in proportion to

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creased size on account of the return of blood into the

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diate exposure to a strong fire lastly reduce the sub

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gant character may occupy the mind and yet the individual

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half a drop or in other words half a grain will fre

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and fleshy has a considerable degree of bitterness and

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contact of air ia of a black colour becoming white by

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more power which must be resorted to in urgent cases.

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