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theory of insanity applies we do not doubt. The primary
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and seldom or never covered with lithic acid a sub
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from doubting the competency of apothecaries to pre
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dryness leaves a residuum the quantity of which has
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tions each possessing an independent existence and disregard
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personality. What does this require Not a hasty visit not
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On the other hand Dr. If etherington of the District Luna
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in conjunction with the equivocal nature of its symp
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and even fresh milk contain it. It is frequently ge
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stract the possibility of a partial disease before we could in
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rent shining plates resembling mica which is litharge.
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place in the trochisci amyli of the pharmacopoeias.
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unless from the accidental presence of a small quantity
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York published a series of letters on the same subject
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different species of animals or plants. In the former it
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Brigand tlien chosen to attend upon the Duke of Bur
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find out a method of ascertaining with facility and
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phragm stomach or intestines. The poison has there
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have been casually reported to me and possibly more may
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