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the alopecia occurs all over the scalp. The hairs seem to lose

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than half a century ago at Draperstown in South Derry that

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district. The difference between these two amounts would

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the sulphurous acid gives place to acids greatly inferior

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the isthmus of the throat between the pillars of the

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ever may be the revolutions of chemical nomenclature

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ther James who had succeeded his father in that chair

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attend the Duke de Rohan in his embassy to the diet

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solemn and impressive. In reference to that painful

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nence or papilla similar to those found upon the surface of

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other names according to the proportions of the two

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crystals but remains deliquescent has a taste sweet

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Eroperties. With respect to sensible properties the

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nating seed called also the embryo or germ. It lies

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