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This disease of the hair or rather as we believe of the

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campesiris of Linnteus. Similar to it in quality is the

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is said to produce somewhat though in a smaller de

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that by using proper means we may be able to effect

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Darwin supposes inactivity or torpor of the absorbent

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hemiplegia and alopecia of the hair of the beard and of the

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chymification. Some persons have a distinct feeling

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ployed in the form of poultice to discuss indolent tu

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said to be a contagious dir ease and has been known to

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only two quarts remain. From a pint to a quart in a

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and is exhibited with success in leucorrhoea ataxia

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salt gives crystals with brilliant faces. If we redis

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is called the coronoid and the other the condyloid pro

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tion in their condition at all analogous to the diseases which

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and its vessels hydrocele tunica vaginalis is abso

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mas. A muscle of the thumb placed at the side of the

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was commencing. Since that time the catheter has been re

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other painful affections and at length it was applied

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reddish white oxide of manganese and carbonate of man

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or two. She suffered from discomfort from difficulty in

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