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what a pity that would have been. The tumor can be scarcely

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boldt and Dr. Falconer have made series of laborious

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under his father but the limited means of scientific

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tissue. His words are The fur is the peripheral connection

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gence is enabled to place in successful opposition to the natu

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the lungs. Some marks of inflammation are likewise to

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leaving his books apparatus and minerals to the col

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cal substance of the brain from its resemblance to an

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site to its stomach no difficulty of breathing occurred.

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really investigated by pathologists armed with all the re

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of the circulation of the blood having explained the

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clasp each other by their compressed base as in Nar

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particularly the operation for popliteal aneurism. In

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by a throbbing pain which lessens by degrees as well

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almost the fusibility of this metal. Tin and lead form

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activity of the pylorus leading to spasmodic closure.

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M Murdo who never observed anything to lead him to be

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due not so much to its non secretion as to its being combined

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pieces of a yellow rusty brown colour with black or

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reason for thinking otherwise than that this discharge

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jolution of sulphate thus formed is precipitated by

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Hyperacidity so frequently associated with gastric ulcer

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