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lead with two of tin and five of bismuth. It melts at

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yet easy to break by age it loses its fine colour and

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is not very precise but capable of misleading the stu

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wardly to cure the ague just before the fits come on

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is better to make an opening lest it should burst in

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success. Aitius is the earliest writer who ascribed

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remedy than the cold bath and more peculiarly appli

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In all his dealings he was scrupulously just and faith

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is only to be known by a very attentive examination of

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pound spirits but antimony is considered as the basis

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normal condition when contrasted with that which had pre

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sioned by adding the infusion to a recent water return

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spent a considerable time in Paris where he attended

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kingdom of Bahar and catechu comes to us principally

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phthisica hysterica a dentitione gravidarum metalli

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to redness out of the contact of air becomes yellow

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only apparent effect the exhibition of this water dis

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tion of the eruption. In mild cases it often disappears

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some to cut down and sometimes notches the sickle.

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and unoppressed by care lose their hair early in life.

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mother and the child if accounts can be credited have

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supporter as an essential constituent part both are

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chronic inflammation of Dr. Cullen and the asthenic

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ceolatis deciduis of Linnaeus. This plant is extreme

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izapa to ia tu gt v xwpiwv kiciv from its creeping through

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the class Pyrexia. Intermittent fevers are known by


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those who eat but little meat scarcely take any exercise in

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water slips of it may be drawn out to seven or eight

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the back. The patient says that she feels much stronger and

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only certain irregular masses were fouud of the same

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very early a great zeal for knowledge and at the age

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