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These pains often violent are terminated by the pain
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licles. The fact seems that as regards its cause there may
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ed to correct the foetor of foul ulcers and as an anti
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the age of puberty and that of thirty five years and
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forms with it a crimson precipitate bordering on pur
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sition takes place in the humid way if common salt be
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This is very apparent in horses after they have been clipped
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eases situated near to or connected with parts about
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resisted four hours action of HCl of. per cent. All except
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organ or of determining too great a flow of blood to it
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It has also been proposed in chilblains leprosy yawe
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is made by art in opposition to that which is native
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kv Jivoi a name given by Theophrastus u gt the blos
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Scotland. The German basalt is supposed to be a wa
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or vital part of the air may unite with inflammable air
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at an advanced period of life and is very liable to a
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chlorite. He should procure also a specimen of iron pyrites horn
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lently in water. This mass was probably an alloy of
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VI. That the perpetration of a criminal act may be the
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part which should be performed as soon as pos. ible
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socket of the eye but by some anatomists is also used
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grooves so that the whole is put together without a
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