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that the greater part of these bodies had been ema
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tary tribunal appointed to investigate his conduct and
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matter let bubbles of gas escape very rapidly. This
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mon to both and which is fixed to the temporal bone
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parently rest on strictly scientific principles. Berthold is of
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derable report and if it be passed through small ani
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II. The patient may be fully cognizant of the civil and
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donian parsley. This plant is similar in quality to the
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They are situated close under the eyes and make part
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to the animal body which acts like fire. The ancient
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driodic acid may also be formed by passing hydrogen
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obtain is an ammoniacal hydruret of mercury and po
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nia though the name is often applied to the pes hippo
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descriptions of such piebald Negroes. Simon Deutsche
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atmosphere. It also means an infirm part of the body
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slight cases and in the first stage of the disorder the
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of the stomach Boas found no rennet in the contents with
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quality while the sulphuric acid imparts to it a very
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genius possessing intuitive experience has enriched mankind
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chemical remedies as antacids particularly magnesia
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ing and the mother was perfectly restored to health
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removing the jagged panicles of bone from the edge of
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affirmed that on those matters respecting which they were
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astringent and anthelmintic. Dose from one grain to
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explains this to be the juncture of the ischium near
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hairs entirely wanting red pigment in the medullary sub
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used in surgery are the T bandage the suspensory one
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The crystals are well defined hexaacdral prisms and are
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or muriatic we decompose the sulphuretted hydrosul
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of the cevadic acid with earthy alkaline and metallic
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part with this composition. But rich a dressing not
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his honk with the description of the diseases of women

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