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a man who cut his lip while shaving and who almost directly

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marine vegetables. Of the fuci he analyzed the fucus

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those separations which are made by heat and voltaic

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named papillae which appear chiefl to contribute to the per

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ment of this question. If we admit that lunatics affected

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with alwaysmore or lessof an erysipelatous inflamma

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Money more and Draperstown says Its odor is often to be

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and can be collected for examination. If it is desirable to

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are astringent and tonic and it forms in solution an

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ly much used for its expectorant and diuretic qualities

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the conductor of the electrical machine in a darkened

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of the time. She says that she is perfectlj well and that the

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brain it is called Apoplexia hydroccphalica. Seu Hu j

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tonic with antacids and mild aperients as rhubarb to

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The use of this shelf is to support receivers jars or

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allowing that physical signs cannot be always estimated by

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of Kiel whose hairs on the head were green. Borellus Cap

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or more correctly pepsinogen is always present except in cases of atro

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barytes or strontites water there will first be formed a

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through the mercury. Fill a little glass tub st al lt rJ at

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the receiver. It nevertheless may be reduced into the

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long as its purgative effect is not too considerable.

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to the closer investigation of those other circumstances which

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spots in the skin which precede the eruption of pus

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be observed in the brain consisting in a serous effusion

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no particular smell nor flavour. It has fallen into

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no experience for its guidance fulfils to all intents the pur

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pushes before it what wa already in the stomach without be

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In the case recorded by Litten and Rosengart remark

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to effect a cure by medicine or any external applica

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inches long three inches wide and four deep is suffi

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feeling the mouth of the womb to ascertain its con

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