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na and with this view are planted on the declivity of
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different races and individuals are due to the comparative
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the effect of the ray to which it was exposed. It was
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glands the excretory ducts of which are joined in one
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root. It contains much of the saccharine principle
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of blood vessels situated in the lateral ventricles of the
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action as distinguished from that unsoundness of mind and
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tility is properly to be attributed to such bodies as can
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living in daily contact with the things they describe and it
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speaking of simple elective attraction we may offer
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Patient says that she feels better and she had to empty the
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heated alone on a plate of platinum exhale the enipy
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voluntary manifestations m the skin such as blushing grow
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ridges of this formation of superincumbent rocks in
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mouth the opening ducts of one or more sebaceous or oil glands
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brane which from its white colour is called also albu
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action of the arteries is about to commence the ab
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tered internally. A stih milder application of Litis
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of that nature which we are certain to be capable of
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and there is a duct for the purpose of conveying the
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that by using proper means we may be able to effect
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suffering from uterir.e obstructions for the stimulant
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the vesicle itself passes into the uterus where the new
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rhoea are reported to have yielded to its virtue after
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cellatis bracteis lanceolatis serraturis capillaceis ot
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spirit of wine damp air and some oils are imperfect
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sufficiently shows that an animal substance which is
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a passive phenomenon must be essentially active. Dr.
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dinate absorption of the phosphate of lime from which
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yielding for a certain extent or it does not move in the
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cular and great elasticity of their outermost coat.
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of gout and to relieve piles but not now employed. In
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by very decided nervous disorders such as convulsive
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alkaline remedies the symptoms arising from stone in
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sailed on account of its whit colour. The name of a
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be sate and if any branch be given oti between this
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lime. Dr. Pearson in one instance carbonate of lime
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are frequent painful or uneasy urgings to discharge the
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tation with which intention the leaves are directed.
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cancerous character has been observable. The treat
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the application of a small quantity of any saline matter
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portant parts liable to be injured by the scalpel or
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tathartics has often a great effect upon the disease im
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A variety of lamellar barytes containing a small quan
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derstand that a similar product will be obtained by
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are intended to shut more perfectly the centre of the
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largest of them all. It is one of the most excellent

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