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acid from the Malay name by which the natives desig

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the tumour. Sometimes the fluid is contained in two

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putting these in places where they frequent. A pecu

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pressure. It is extremely infusible and when not in

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imbibed is nevertheless totally insoluble in this fluid.

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sult of the operation of a weakly electrical cloud at

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merly called liquid oxymuriatic acid. This combina

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phragm. There are two cavities adhering to the base

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by the interests of truth and justice and adds It would be

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Sulphate of picrotoxia must be formed by dissolving

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long as the tube. Immediately after the introduction

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Ewald precisely analogous to those which occur in the case

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bought a large quantity of it at great expense for the

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extraction to the removal of tumours out of cavities

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A large part of the ether exported to Ireland is sent to

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and like it stains paper or the fingers. It is ductile

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uoi breath. It is sometimes used by physicians to de

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ties with incredible benefit. Applied externally it is

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of the plant from which it was erroneously supposed

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constitution who live on a poor diet and an engaged

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instincts which resulting from the dictates of an imknown

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gravity i. has little action on picrotoxia. It dis

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