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patronage of Dr. Celsius professor of divinity atUpsal

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smelling bottles frequently with the addition of some

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cavity on the posterior surface at the basis of the pul

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stopped. In this way he says it will be totally dis

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scalp. He had been a very delicate boy and suffered many

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percussion of liquids nor of the softer kind of bodies

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to dilate the part. Ruysch relates the case of a woman

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twenty years ago I served my apprenticeship in a medical

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There are a few instances recorded of reproduction of

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to the taste they discover a slight warmth accompa

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vidual a proposition we doubt not to fully establish even

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fevers paralysis ulceration and scirrhus. This plant

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directions. This is the conjunctive wire of Oersted.

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togams as the cause of the disease others as the consequence.

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slight red discharge both yesterday and to day. th and

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which those substances may in distillations solutions

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principally in consequence of the motion which is oc

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However since the discovery of the preventive power

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posed to be analogous to the combinations of sulphur

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and many other cases sufficiently prove that the secretion of

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are reproduced which have not been long received it

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violet or black seldomer rose red and still more rarely

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between erroneous conclusions from facts submitted to the

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thereby producing irritation prove the most frequent

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ing on grass and hay particularly the camel the horse

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Jt would be difficult to tell why the pyloric portion is

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commercial articles and then that of extracting the

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no pain and when it takes place it is usually the se

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ber of individuals. However in a number of persons

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of ulcers of the lungs and is exhibited in the form of

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it produces the greatest effect in ardent fever where

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sic at aen and got considerable practice in the French

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cy is to evaporate carefully to dryness and expose the

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when frightened. Dogs pass urine frequently when thrashed.

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