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ment. An idea which many writers with little philosophy and

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render it red brown black and friable in a very short

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immediately perceptible on the inside of the glass

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phuric acid just enough to precipitate the barytes. It

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and break as soon as they reach the surface The air

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supposed to be in some respects different from other

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nitely increased though the ratio of the powers acting

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nied with the risk of giving rise at some distant period

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long supposed on the authority of Boerhaave that the

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Monomania might be well considered as a disease in which

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property of clearing the skin of many disorders of the

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cold and accordingly applied to it the term Atpus aAAoj

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apt to terminate in palsy and to leave behind it con

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quick from its sedative influence on the heart and ar

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tained by bruising or grinding certain vegetables in

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of the crystalline lens and the lens itself. Paulus

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general relation to each other but their accordance to the

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definite compound of these two elements. To prepare

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large quantities especially in warm infusion or decoc

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that water only eight degrees of Fahrenheit above the

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and mines the air is often in such a state as to suffo

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the island of Cyprus whence it was formerly brought.

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precipitates it with nitric acid. It does not become

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five or six days it is generally relieved on the appear

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his notions of right and wrong are obscured and perverted

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creased and also found that the stomach was empty six

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though Giese denies this from that of quadrupeds liv

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country would be stigmatized and held to be criminal in an

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regards baldness or grayness is abundantly proved. Dr.

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The list of cases might be extended without difficult.

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tillation of two parts of alkohol to one part and a half

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on the part of those who have been so afflicted many import

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an illusion. Oarmann De Miraculis Mortuorum Lib. L

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things as realities which exist only in the imagination of the

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liver and that of the uterus. See Liver and Uterus.

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