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torina. Succotorine aloes is obtained from a variety
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tion of the length of the conjunctive wire ought to
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passions prevail. The moral faculties ceasing to respond to
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from an erroneous supposition of the ancients that it
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good beer may be made from them. It is occasionally
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it with two ounces of lemon juice until the globules dis
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or on the other hand in joyous ecstasy imagined they were
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water without addition and supposed to be possessed
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in it. A solution of this salt in dilute wine is ordered
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has no smell but a bitter acrid taste. At heat some
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The usual time of the year for drinking these waters
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solved in potassa muriatic acid added to the albumi
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wood grows in the West Indies and tropical parts of
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blood from the red vessels or of scrum from the exha
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was the seventh in ten years. It had a square head large
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bilious fever yellowness coming on with shivering be
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tible according to the definition of combustion here
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hair was in the middle along a distance of two inches quite
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pelled and the same compound formed. It is contrary
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looked fairly well with red lips and on examination it was
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foot is extended. The patient can spontaneously bend
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cooling it is in bulky plates somewhat similar to bo
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tilages but from their cartilages to the sternum there
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But Dr. Gibbes of Oxford found that lean beef secured
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tion exhibits itt morbid effects principally on the liver
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and separating the jaws transversely by the disten

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