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copperplate. He has made this art subservient to his

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ties of this primitive figure. The diamond of Brazil

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generally formed by exposing native pyrites to air and

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anatomy it is thus applied to a process of the ethmoid

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is liable to irritate the stomach and bowels. Of the

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ent persons and are susceptible of an enlargement in

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Inoculation is generally thought to have been intro

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the stomach thirst anxiety obstinate costiveness and

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his case it flows into the aqueducts of the cochlea

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mon to all its exercise demonstrates that these are variously

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of valerian chewed it imparts at first a considerable

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continued for five days now it lasts for eight and the loss is

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and which appear to be a kind of herpes confined to

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muscles of the face are affected St. Vitus s dance

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honey fourteen ounces. Dissolve the verdigris in the

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He left a valuable treatise on the blood inflammation

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will indicate the proportion of oxygen in air and by

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authors the one the purer part of the resinous matter j

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dissolve is said to be saturated with it. But saturation

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sion or hollow parts on the surface of the body as the

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the two halves are unequal in dimensions and the base

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acid. The former was purified by a solution in alko

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the instant of the ligature would pass quickly into the

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Gems are found in all trees and shrubs in temperate

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is alone to he accounted for through the admission of an irre

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