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and reeds seldom walk to the city or the market but

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us the assafcetida of the shops grows plentifully on the

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from the specific gravities of hydrogen and muriatic

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the mercury with the sulphurated oil until the glo

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tufts. The woolly hair of the fleecy haired men eriocomi

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Lord Hardwicke in Barnsley s case Ms a technical word

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side its follicle. I have under my care at the present time a

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with anything like true symmetry. The hairs on other parts

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obtained in a state of absolute purity the common sul

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volatilized under the common pressure of the atmos

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I could quote numerous other instances which point con

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Are fixed to the ground. Move on the surface of the ground.

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tion of cold. It is frequently applied by surgeons to

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ing state of the skin. A burning inflammatory fever

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some of its posterior fibres join with the constrictor

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is used is the female insect found on and collected in

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paring it should be correctly and clearly defined. As

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ginca or white of the eye is a membrane which lines

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been so called especially lime water and a water dis

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