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eases are not infectious and seldom prove mortal to

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are pervious to air the reason of which appears to be

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nils for this purpose. Dr. Cullen says If any medi

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particularly by his curious injections of the lympathic

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licentiate. His practice was for some time chiefly gra

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ternal conflict between right and wrong from philosophy

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gards the individual crime and insanity can coexist that as

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pose they may be more safely given in smaller doses

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advantages which might be expected from the establishment

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standing the disease the general idea or conception of

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brisker purgatives. The officinal preparation of this

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son a daughter and a sister Miss Joanna Baillie who

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plied to a muscle the office of which is to draw the

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riatic acid water is formed and both acids are con

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consists in an inability to pronounce certain conso

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ble smell or taste nor any appearance of resinous mat

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to be negatively electrified that formed by the silver

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dient of this plant has lately been ascertained to be an

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experience has proved the advantage of using the ap

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gorific mixtures and then mingling them together in a

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of the bones except when it proved sudorific but that

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make them drink a number of glasses of liquid quickly.

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three grains of precipitate. A similar mixture left tc

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was some pain in the afternoon of the d th ma. for

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I shall first briefly indicate the principal results which have

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always synocha. Persons in the prime of life and in full

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then published several long and dull epic poems which

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the size of a hen s egg and included with several more

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in his old ane a proof that in the warmer climates

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the first bone of the thumb between the two portions

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species he chose one as the most proper from its sim

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ally proscribed the practice of it. One of the caution

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of the chronic kind and by a steady perseverance iu

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Lastly lead is found mineralized by sulphur forming

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a somewhat oval centre which is called centrum ovale.

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one sure method of distinguishing between a circocele

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did produce an apparent whiteness it nevertheless dis

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cific gravity or with heated air by the buoyancy of

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