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different periods of the disease, and especially of the existence, in
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these horrible pains. Quinine has proved efficacious in some cases, and has
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ultra-violet light energy, the secondary eruptions were not
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Alvarenga, formerly Minister of Public Instruction in
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and slight hypotonia. (The dyssynergia cerebellaris
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growth. Levuloee 3 per cent, medium growth. Galactose 3 per cent, typical. Gly-
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is either not detectable by the ordinary tests or is, at the most, a mere trace.
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turition had, before coming under Dr Watson's care, been treated
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of micro c 69, "ith ppecic.l reference to specificity
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that the stomach may accordingly develope itself proportionately to the
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that breach of nutrition that leads to the flexion,
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Atropine did not produce any effect on the As a fresh example, we may note a case
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spectrum, that a band of absorption or maximum opacity appears ;
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prevailing in the practice of optometry or ophthal-
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ture rising to the point fixed, I had the satisfaction of finding this
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tion for the week continued for one year. If, for ex-
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eczematous appearance is imparted to the intervening skin. Sooner
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present in all, and is a cardinal feature, being intermittent or remittent.
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increase the strength, permitting the subject to close his eyes and then
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efficacy is entirely due to the apnoea. By deep respirations the tendency
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this method has been applied to .38 eases, of which
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Vaginal Cystotomy in a Case of Paralysis of the Bladder, with
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I disclaim any purpose to interfere with or to restrict the
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nor lumbar puncture. Of these, 84.6 per cent. died. This mortality
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ment accordingly to prevent the death of the patient. That should be the
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wards (No. XII. previous paper). And the fourth was a
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ever ; but as one of the remedies whose action is most
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esthesia was recommended in suitable cases, although
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found totally inadequate and untrustworthy, though a device
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water formed by impregnating water with oxygen gas ; nor with
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May 1), the number of new cases averaging only 9 ; but a definite rise
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pthe living human body. 1. Respiration. — It is the fact of the lungs being filled
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ticed by Lupine was observed by Eulenberg and Landois 3 as the result of
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vember 9, 1899, Arcangeli {Seinaine Medicate) has employed a
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which on examination by Dr Foote showed gonococci, leucocytes,
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them mentally, if not absolutely as physically strong, and the greatest
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better way of proceeding in a physician and in a trainer?
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numerous molecules in a nodule of the same tumour which was soft and in some
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is perhaps a less familiar fact that exposure to a vitiated
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dation&oi t linical Surgery. With a fractured or diet asod hij> l>ofore him.
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indeed, with those of any time that has passed, and how great is your
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