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taken at Falkland s Islands Southern Georgia Tristan

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ence or absence of particular manifestations indicate the

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bonic acid is the combustion of potassium in it th

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animals immersed in it die of a disease produced by

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of uterus. There has been profuse watery discharge which

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adheres to the tongue has a greasy feel and falls to

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thick as that procured by the solution of one part of

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it. We may also moisten the dried matter with a little

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Ichthyasis. A genus of diseases of the second order

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They make little resistance and of course are easily

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assumes the fluid form be higher than the temperature

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depraved attention causes may rest either in a severe mental

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tails the proof of its existence which is invested with this diffi

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the supposition of a mere mixture of the fluids the

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ard because its juice if applied to the eyes produces

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teresting description of a very rare disease catalepsy.

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Btate and I am not sure that one single patient obtain

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sesses like these two bodies the negative electrical

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for his successor Vesalius. He was among the first to

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century and practised as a physician with considcr

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is recommended by Baron Stoerck in maniacal epilep

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fluid tastes a little sourish. Duirng this time the last

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dish hue in the mouth it discovers considerable ad

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be troubled with acidity in the primae vise alkaline

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It may be asked Do we not thus recognize and confirm

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her of experiments on the composition and density ot

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example related by Pinel the habitual indulgence of evil

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which serve to dilate and draw it up to its natural

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that water is concerned in all the operations which are

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and other viscera than as a primary affection. It is

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and natural feelings which during the period of utero gesta

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the edges only. Its colour varies from a dark or leek

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being separated from nervous influence shorten them

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nutrition preservation of life generation of heat and

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and keep the powder in glass phials where the light is


a fibrous substance which in most cases forms the chief por

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combustibility to the base of a product and that at its

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possess but rather advance the scientific status of medicine

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