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nitric acid. It is fusible with earths and colours them
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granate Spanish so called because at the top of the
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is called mongrel or mule. Neither the animal nor the
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touching the ground with his toes and the knee being
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tation of the carbohydrates while the sarcolactic acid is
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pearance of whitish matter at its orifice and also some
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their further corroboration in the fact that many most deter
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of the abductor pollicis. They adhere to the external
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its oxygen and is slowly transformed into ammoniacal
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virulent so as to blister and ulcerate the skin when
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solution of hyposulphite of strontites with a slight ex
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and publicans bought quantities of it from these medical men
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great many ingenious views was the first who disco
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flux when a globule of metallic antimony will be ob
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from each other. The decomposition of bodies forms a
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Soaps are dissolved with great facility in alkohol
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corpus callosum the internal medullary part presents
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bra of the back from these different origins it runs
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will be established and phenomena but imperfectly understood
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acts like a wedge in transmitting to the sides of the
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years after sent to the Royal Society an account of the
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the tarsus. That part of the foot between the tarsus
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any extent. Digitalis is more to be relied upon but i
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muriatic acids as well as sulphuretted hydrogen pro
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answer so well that contemplating its application to
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congestion in the head. Where syphilis appears to be
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Grenada. A decoction of it is recommended as a ver
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principal food of the inhabitants. This plant which is
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where any sign of Inflammation appears this plan be
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diseases into two classes. That class affecting the body was
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acidifiable base and that the oxygen uniting on the
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ment made by some of my informants who say that ether is
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human acids frequently turn red as has been frequently
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pieces without knots the outer part of a whitish or
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thereby constituted an available and known power which in
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This capability of comparison is by far the most valuable
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paper stained With litmus is left for some time in con
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nental army and rose to the first rank and distinction.
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at a strong red heat while the black oxide was readily

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