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clusions than those which he has given. The arrangement

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When tin. tools are slimy and indicate a loaded state of the digestive

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Mr. William Budd cites instances in which those mem

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occurrence and unless in the hands of a special surgeon is a

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were rather sketches of the numerous subjects embraced by that science than

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impaction of the third stomach with the addition of a

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instances it has been followed into the gall bladder and biliary

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have been excluded from the estimate of costs because

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the same condition prostatitis may pursue resolution seems to be brought about more

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each visit to find it extinct. The treatment was varied by oc

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been present and passed unobserved during pregnancy or

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includes the hospitals the almshouses the penitentiary

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extension. This neatly devised little saddle is held in

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cessation of the inflammation in question. Meanwhile it may be said

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The Pathology of Athetosis. This affection has recently received

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A student holding a scholarship who shall make it appear to the satisfaction

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Subject to the approval of the Council the president shall

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be guided solely by vague impressions which are subjective on the part

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Pylephlebitis Adhesive and Sup VI. Jaundice Hepatogenous and

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entirely independent of the acid feeding. A young and growing

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or absence of constipation bothriocephalus anemia in other metabolic

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Definition. A constriction of the wall of the urethra

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Secretary Dr. Archibald read his annual report for the year ending De

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cases examples of cerebro spinal meningitis If they were not what

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allay the exciting effects of the heat and develop the tonic

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tunity for useful mutation. A monkey dinner at this same

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shot he was amazed to fiud that he bad crippled three

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and extent of the tubular change in the kidneys may be

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happens at higher dilutions in which the forcing apart is due to the

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exception must be possibly made in very fatty specimens though further

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entirely overlooked. The vomited blood may be only in

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