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to per cent. It is only found in the unhealthy ani

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cold and dry air winter spring cold baths dry fric

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rapidly and the children have often got their teeth late and

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become important in the manufacture of Epsom salts

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they are prevented from passing through the gall ducts

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effected by a constant generation of cells at the root and under

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been more than one quarter of the usual and morphia was

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constantly increased which is attributable to the freer en

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more salt be added it will remain solid. A fluid w ich

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makes it resist putrefaction. In this state it may be

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ing kind of adipocire. It. is soluble both in alkalies

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happened that the lunatic has been visited with the heaviest

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Two doored or bivalved. A class of plants is so de

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abundant everywhere. Each sweat gland is supplied with a

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rity. It is applied to any desperate operation. Hip

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these two processes that is to say all the carbonic

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the recent subject than in the skeleton. This upper

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years or more in fact he writes the odor of ether on

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tually recommended himself to the notice and friend

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adapted to such operations. Its principal part is the

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burn in chlorine act upon this gas at common temper

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fluid discharged at each evacuation depends upon the

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which they afford on expression nearly in the propor

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use of different evacuating remedies especially those

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sembling a small pitcher. It is of rare occurrence

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stood but the general intelligence conduce to its accomplish

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and rigors come on. Gangrene is about to take place

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gitates from the hepatic duct there to become thicker

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already frequently contested ideas of this kind nei

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tritis. Inflammation of the womb. A genus of disease

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the palate or through the nose the voice being so ob

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Mineralogy and recourse has been had to the New York Medical

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attributed to the poison of lead and this is undoubt

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from half a pint to a quart is sufficient. Half a pint

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